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19.29  U.S. Dollar
New edition image magazine Tantra 2012/10/21 Philip Lawson (Author), Shuntaro Matsuyama (Translation)
18.27  U.S. Dollar
New edition image magazine Alchemy: The spirit of mental transformation 2013/5/17 Stanislas Krosowski de Laura (Author), Tokihiro Tanemura (Translation), Natsuki Matsumoto (Translation)
8.37  U.S. Dollar
MOE October 2019 magazine
6.39  U.S. Dollar
CLUEL August / September 2019 Merger [Magazine] Magazine – August 9, 2019
7.12  U.S. Dollar
CLUEL July 2019 [Magazine] Magazine – 12 Jun 2019
9.68  U.S. Dollar
CLUEL May 2019 [Magazine] Magazine – 12 Apr 2019