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Tefal electric kettle Justin plus simple cocoa black 1.2 L KO3408JP

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Panasonic etiquette cutter gray ER-GN50-H
[en] -New dual-edge blade, aimed at the hair easy to cut, can also contour processing of nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows and beard! -With 毛kuzu suction-単3 battery x 1 battery (sold separately) Size: height 14.0 x width 3.0 x depth x 4.8 cm Weight: 95 g (without batteries) Material-material: ABS Country of origin: China Accessories: cleaning brushes Type-:ER-GN50-H : Washable
50.24  АНУ-ын доллар
STAR WARS Star Wars Talking Fridge Gadget talking fridge gadgets R2-D2
[en] Size: 336 H * W52×D60mm (Blender is mounted) Weight: 550 g (Brenda is mounted) -Material: ABS material (main body) Power supply: AC100V50/60 Hz Power consumption: 150 W Accessories: blending Cup Switch: power switch (push) "on-off" Code length:1.7m
21.01  АНУ-ын доллар
TESCOM PureNatura Blender white THM311-W
[ja] サイズ:H336×W52×D60mm (ブレンダー装着時) 本体重量:550g (ブレンダー装着時) 素材・材質:ABS(本体) 電源:AC100V 50/60Hz 消費電力:150W 付属品:ブレンドカップ スイッチ:電源スイッチ(プッシュ式)「ON-OFF」 コードの長さ:1.7m
73.08  АНУ-ын доллар
Tanita high accuracy digital salt-meter SO-304-WH (white)
[en] Size: width 171 × depth 25 x 25 mm Weight: approx. 67 g Materials and material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) resins, PP (polypropylene) Country of origin: Korea Power: AAA x 2 Warranty period: 1 year Set of accessories: body, try batteries (alkaline batteries) x 2 books, stand, instruction manual (with warranty)
11.88  АНУ-ын доллар
Citizen digital pedometer TW300-001
[en] Product introduction And is approximately 21 grams in weight, width 55 mm compact, easy-to-install digital pedometer. And unobtrusive with dimensions of digital display unit, while 35.6 width * height 16.5 mm is large in size, and feature is very easy to see. And can be adjusted step sensitivity adjuster for walking cause measurement error. And also walked by the consumption calorie chart: calories can be translated. Color is black chic. Precautions on use -Do not put the batteries and products reach into the hands of children. Ingestion of May. -Batteries, 投ge込manaide absolutely on fire. May cause bursting. -Absolutely do not disassemble. Do not use in dusty, humid, or take the water away. Avoid excessive shock and vibration. On the cause of the failure. And not spreading the case or clip. May result in damage.
383.67  АНУ-ын доллар
Beats by Dr.Dre Studio Wireless closed headphones noise cancelling Bluetooth compatible matte black MHAJ2PA/A
[en] -DSP (digital sound processor) developed their own Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE) with Beats, Beats Acoustic Engine (beet acoustic engine) is installed. Even wireless maintains high-quality sound. -Sought to develop a lighter, stronger and more comfortable new Studio, rational and beautiful and comfortable to wear in a sleek design. Better to hide all the screws designed to maintain and adopt improved resistant lightweight yet flexible material and refined curves. In addition, single floating pivot mechanism ergonomic best fit to any head shape. -Wireless world muted even when the wireless as well, depending on the desired mode switched to primarily noise cancellation (ANC) feature is enabled. To enjoy the music without being influenced by ambient noise, and control noise cancellation does not impair the sound quality when listening to music more. And work up ANC and unplug the headphone cable when you want to concentrate, listening to music just noise of trains, airplanes and around without worrying about turning around to silence me. -Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 20 hours wirelessly on 12 hours of continuous playback is possible using the built-in battery cable to allow play for a long time, without worrying about time, enjoy the music. Rechargeable via USB. With a BackOffice battery with LED fuel gauge on the bottom of the earcup, unplug the cable and power turns off Auto on / off feature.
41.11  АНУ-ын доллар
Omron neck massage a Brown HM-141-BW
[en] [Product description] -Small, lightweight compact design, easy to use-around neck and shoulders can perfect the massage part is compact and easy to fit, so you want to release. -Neck and shoulders around a light-weight, so less burden on the woman can do easily. -Available in areas susceptible to fatigue and stiffness, such as waist, thigh and calf, as well as neck and shoulder. Simple operation-press the switch-switch is pressed FIR internal rotation and the stiffness and pain. -Speed of the massage is "fast" and "slow" for 2-stage switch is possible because the mood of the day and likely to fit, choose the speed of your choice. -Is equipped with auto power off function automatically turns off turns off press the switch again, but after 15 minutes after the massage started. -* Can also be turned off manually, press the switch. -Dust comparatively warm heating function-press the heater button during the massage and the ball with a built-in heater is operating. -Relieve stiffness and warms the muscles, while you can. -* Built-in heater is only during the massage will warm. Medical device approval number: 226AABZX00086000 Class classification notice: 1722 classification name: Shiatsu substitute with the next name Home massage, therapeutic bath devices and equipment common name: Home heated Shiatsu alternative generator class classification: Substitute for massage, massage purposes, to use at home. Size: width 360 × d 178 × 338 mm Body weight:1.18kg Power supply: AC100V Power consumption: 30 W Accessories: dedicated AC adapter
91.35  АНУ-ын доллар
Either flour or beans OK fully automatic coffee maker 10-Cup-[w/1 year warranty / enhancement of safe domestic support and thermal insulation with / timer / coffee bean powder both for mill with electric mill can be authentic coffee / shop, such as automated]
[en] Like a coffee at the Café freshly ground to taste and smell in your home and enjoy. ♦ mill features on coffee beans, drip ♦ mill features off the drip from the coffee powder ♦ time to go 24-hour timer can be set in ♦ Paper filters needed. With removable mesh filter wash and use repeatedly ♦ coffee beans extracted: 1 cup-4 cup, coffee powder extraction: 1 tablespoon-can be up to 10-Cup drip ♦ keep warm feature: drip after a 2 hour glass server under plate with thermal insulation
38.37  АНУ-ын доллар
ET-102 Kalita coffee maker black
[en] Product description ◆ equipped with taste design. • Extract just pour coffee powder evenly with aroma showers, three hole Dripper. Pull out the authentic taste. ◆ capacity: 5 cups 9 min / ♦ specifications ♦ color: black capacity:0.7L(maximum water) (estimated: about 5 cups) size (approx): width 13.4 × depth 21.7 x 24.4 cm weight: approx. 1.1 kg power: 505 W cord length: approximately 1.4 m Accessories: 102 paper (10 sheet), 10 g Messenger Cup / About manufacturer Traditional coffee, Kalita (Carita). Its name is derived from the Kaffee (coffee) of Germany, and the Filter (filter), boasts a high profile. We want to enjoy coffee easily at home and many people wanted to know the taste of the coffee was founded in 1958. In Japan, a pioneer in the industry said. Committed to capture the character of each coffee, satisfying flavor and aroma. Coffee maker, espresso machine, mill, manufacturing wide range, such as filters, are sold. In recent years, greener coffee mill developed gear aimed at the low-speed cutting and the first ceramic cutter beans have no heat. Needs to taste of coffee, more authentic modern corresponds sensitively.
27.41  АНУ-ын доллар
Elephant seal coffee maker 4 cup for EC-TC40-TA
[en] 4 cup coffee placed easily. ◆ take the chlorine with water treatment plant out the taste of the coffee beans (Kalki initial rejection 98% *) ◆ you know at a glance with scale value was based on the water tank * Japan electric Association voluntary standards (JEMA-HD65). And ♦ finishing as ♦ color: Brown size:0.54L(about 1-4 servings) size (approx): width 20.5 x depth 15.5 x 23.0 cm (height) weight: approx. 1.1 kg power: 650 W cord:1.3m Accessories: measuring spoons, two paper filters and "Water purification" Bleaching powder to bring out the taste of the coffee beans (chlorine early removal rate 98% *) * Value was based on the Japan Electrical Manufacturers ' Association voluntary standards (JEMA-HD65)
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「ティファール ジャスティンプラス カカオブラック 1.2L KO3408JP」は、スリムな注ぎ口でお湯を注ぐ量を上手にコントロールできる大容量1.2Lの電気ケトルです。ふたはカンタン操作で開き、フィルターつきの注ぎ口なのでいつも清潔にお使いいただけます(取り外しも可能)。スイッチを押すだけの簡単操作で、お湯が沸いたら自動で電源をオフします。軽いので片手で持ち運びもラクラクです。湯量や沸騰状態をひと目で確認出来る目盛りつき窓を両側に採用。万一、水を入れずにスイッチを押しても通電が切れる空だき防止機能を搭載しています。カップ1杯分から最大約8杯分までのお湯が沸かせるので、パスタを茹でる大量のお湯もガスコンロをふさがずにすばやく沸かせて便利です。ふたは開けた状態で固定でき、従来モデルより間口が約30%広いので水入れ・お手入れがラクラクです。
*水温・室温23度の条件で、記載量が沸騰するまでの時間。沸騰後しばらくすると自動電源オフ機能が働きます。 ご注意 ●国際的第三者認証機関であるテュフラインランドが製品の技術基準適合を証明しているSマークがついています。

電源:100V 50/60Hz
[Product specifications]
Details: color: black cocoa
[Product detail]
"Tefal Justin plus cocoa black 1.2 L KO3408JP", is to pour hot water spout and slim with good control, high-capacity 1.2 L electric kettle. Easily open the lid, spout with filter so always clean room (can be removed). Boiling water is as easy as pressing the switch off the power automatically. Carry in one hand light, so easy it is. Hot or boiling status can see at a glance with a tick window system on both sides. Are equipped with heat protection cuts power switch is pressed, no water. Cup Cup-up vibes lubricates the stove too large amounts of hot water boil pasta microwavable hot water until about 8 servings, so quickly, it is useful. Can be fixed in the State opened the lid, because the existing frontage is about 30% wider than the model water and clean easy is.
Boiled soon enough: Cup 1 cup (140 ml) approx. 60 seconds *.
Conditions of water temperature and room temperature 23 degrees at the boiling the stated amount of time. After boiling for a while and auto power off function is activated. Please note-S mark on the international third-party certification authority TÜV Rheinland proves conform to technical standards of products is included.
-This product is not about keeping warm function.
-Patented test certificate for imported foods. …

Dimensions: width 221 x 161 depth × height 209 mm
Weight: 970 g
Materials: body: polypropylene • stainless
Power supply: 100V 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 1250 W
Code length:1.3m
详细信息︰ 颜色︰ 黑色可可
"不粘锅贾斯汀加可可黑色 1.2 L KO3408JP",是以倒热水喷口和苗条与良好的控制,高容量 1.2 L 电热水壶。 轻松地打开盖子,所以总是筛选器喷打扫的房间 (可以删除)。 沸腾的水是一样容易自动按下关闭电源开关。 在另一只手轻,它是那么容易携带。 热或沸腾状态可以看一看两边的刻度线窗口系统。 配备热保护削减按下电源开关,没有水。 杯子杯起共鸣润滑炉子太大量的热水煮意大利面微波热水直到约 8 份,如此之快,它是有用。 可以在固定状态打开盖子,因为现有的正面是关于 30%比模型水宽和清洗不易。
很快煮︰ 杯 1 杯 (140 毫升) 约 60 秒 *。
水的温度和室内温度 23 度,在沸腾的一定的数量的时间条件。 煮沸一段时间后自动关机功能被激活。 请注意-S 马克对德国莱茵 TÜV 集团证明了国际第三方证书颁发机构符合技术标准的产品是包括在内。
专利的进口食品测试合格证书。 …

尺寸︰ 221 x 161 深度宽 × 209 毫米
重量︰ 970 克
材料︰ 身体︰ 聚丙烯 • 不锈钢
电源︰ 100V 50 / 60 Hz
功率消耗︰ 1250 W
容量︰ 1.2 L
代码长度︰ 1.3 m
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