Global Buying & Selling Platform

How to sell products


1) First you need to register a user account ( How to register? )

2) You need to set up shop ( how to set up shop? ).

3) You need to upload a commodity
3.1) Make sure to upload product photo
3.2) Enter a product description (use as much Mandarin)
3.3) to enter edit mode, click Edit product details
    3.3.1) set the product name, try to use multiple languages
    3.3.2) set the commodity price, weight, length trilateral, whether it is cylindrical
    3.3.3) Choose your shop support shipping way or add your custom shipping method     3.3.4) to set freight
    After you have completed the last step 3.3.3), the following set, you should begin shipping, and if this is your first time to set freight, you need to develop a shipping package, shipping package includes support for the shipping company (We recommend you to specify a number of shipping companies), as well as the receipt of each shipping method for different countries, price list. (This platform has been integrated EMS and downwind of the official price list, multinational freight is generally more expensive, we recommend that you give customers a discount, such as 90% of official shipping costs, etc.)