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Mode of transport and freight, the shop side of freedom to develop.
wBuyBuy provides businesses according to different receipt, automatic calculation of shipping functions.

Question: How do I know how much commodity shipping?

Answer: The user will be products into your cart, click Next, enter the distribution page, choose your place after the harvest, The system will automatically display each group of shipping merchandise for you to choose the shipping companies and shipping.
(Our shop from countries around the world, systems specified by your receipt and shipment, the goods weight, volume, and shops set freight companies and freight price table to calculate shipping)

Question: What are the consumer to choose the shipping company?

Answer: This depends on what freight company support shop.
shop for businesses, in our systems has been integrated EMS in China (shipping from China mainland), EMS Japan (from Japan shipping), as well as downwind China, Japan downwind, downwind Hong Kong, South Korea downwind, Hong Kong downwind, the wind Malaysia, Singapore downwind price list. Commodity merchants can edit page, select use EMS, or downwind, you can own set separately depending on the shipping receipt countries. We will support UPS, Fedex and DHL soon.