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How to pay

we currently accept credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, TenPay,UnionPay,Qiwi,one card and many other popular payment methods from all over the world


Consumer protection                             

Consumers will be the first payment to wBuyPay summary of our platform, (wBuyPay is a class of third-party payment transactions in order to reduce the risk function we provide a, l), this time the money from our platform control, business after delivery, to will be updated on the status of the order has been shipped, along with the logistics company can query query URL. When consumers sign, confirm the case is correct, you can order management in consumers' own pages, related orders, press the button lenders. Our platform will be the purchase price included wBuyPay to shops wBuyPay in. If, after the goods arrive, you have objections to the goods, we decided to refuse payment. You can choose to refuse loans in the relevant Order Order Management page. Your payment will not be assigned to store your account, we will intervene to adjust, and process before drawing conclusions, your escrow payment by our platform. Note: After the logistics company to report within five days of the delivery of goods, if you do not express any opinion on whether the loans, the system automatically advances to the merchant.