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wBuyPay & Receiving payment

What's wBuyPay?

wBuyPay is designed to reduce online trading risk, and integrated into a similar third-party payment platform of this function. Simply put, consumers put the money call wBuyPay (our platform) Then, wBuyPay money received notification shop, shop after delivery, after the consumer receives the goods, the goods evaluate whether they favor a loan made or It decided in favor of lending. If lenders agree, wBuyPay transaction fees will be deducted from the payment and collection of fees after wBuyPay classified to shop wBuyPay account can withdraw cash deposits. Shops can apply to cash.

How to withdraw?

A registered user, you can simultaneously open two stores, each store has a wBuyPay account.In wBuyPay account, you can withdraw cash payment will apply to cash to the bank account you are logged in.When first using the withdrawal feature, the system will remind you to set your password withdrawals wBuyPay account (Note that each store has its own separate and independent wBuyPay wBuyPay withdrawal password). You mention now, when withdrawals need to enter a password each time. After you apply for withdrawal, we will in the provisions of the business day for your payment.