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wBuyBuy User Agreement

1. Introduction

This protocol describes the services and the user's responsibility wBuyBuy.com provided during user registration click "I agree" button or register using this site click on the "Register" button to have said that he had read this agreement carefully and accept the then current version of the all the terms of the agreement, including other agreements contained in this Agreement. The agreement will be subject to change shown in this site announcement, please keep an eye users.  


2. User Qualification

1) .wBuyBuy.com services only under applicable law to be able to legally binding contracts to individuals and companies and may only be using. This site is not a temporary suspension of service to 18 years of age or terminate the use of the site or the users indefinitely. If you do not meet the above requirements, do not use this website. In addition, the website reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account based on the unilateral will.

2). If the user does not agree to the terms of this Agreement and any related policies, do not use this website.


3. Service

1) Under this agreement the user accepts the premise of this site to registered users, non-transferable, non-exclusive service and keep future modifications, delete all of the rights of any item or service. Under the premise does not restrict the rights of this website, except with the express written consent of the site, the user may not reproduce, publish, sales, e-mail or in any other form on this website will be transferred to third-party content or services. This website collects and provides information, users agree to this site will provide information it deems appropriate to other users or visitors of authenticity does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness. User agrees to try to provide accurate and serious information, and provide their own information, or reply to, and subsequent to the fulfillment of the contract, etc. about and take full responsibility. Because authentication on the Internet is extremely difficult, although the site will try to confirm the user's identity and provide various reference information, users agree to confirm the identity of the other parties to the transaction on their own and be responsible for, the website of the identity of the user, and so not accept any credit responsibility. All the losses as the use of false identities user activities on this website by the user take full responsibility.


2) to refuse, postpone treatment and the right to terminate the use of or without reason, this site has the right to terminate this Agreement at notice or without notice to any user the right to refuse to provide or continue to provide any services. This site has the right to think the right time in the extension process your application, or your violation of these Site Terms behavior when terminate your right to use the above rights are having to explain the reason. Users also have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, subject to notice to the site, and under this Agreement and the completion of all the obligations contained in previous will comply with the relevant regulations.


3) Service may revise wBuyBuy.com the right to modify or discontinue services without the need to notify the user of the reservation. The user accepts wBuyBuy.com exercise right to modify or discontinue service, wBuyBuy.com without charge to users or third parties.


4. Intellectual property

Users and visitors acknowledge all the property of the website (including information, software, hardware and structures), as well as all property owners to third parties (including the information, software, hardware and architecture) by domestic and international knowledge contained on this website protection of property rights and legal People's Republic of China, and has not been written before this site agree not to reproduce, publish, sales, e-mail or in any other form of the property (including the information, software, hardware and construction) or services transferred to the first Tripartite. Not for commercial use. You agree that you shall not be any information for commercial use, including but not limited to the case without wBuyBuy.com authorized senior management prior written approval, copying any information displayed on this website.


5. The limited liability / warranty

This site is not a transaction of any party, nor any party agent, does not assume any responsibility relating to the transaction. Users and visitors of this site agree to the service provided by the use of this site, this site does not provide for any party of Identification, performance capabilities, information accuracy, product quality, quantity, suitability, printing errors and any other form of security. Users and visitors agree to enter all the information accurate and truthful as possible.


6. Communication

Everything related to communications services provided by this website compliance policy and legal state. Services related to third parties except for legal services subject to national policy while also subject to third-party regulations. As this site for reasons other than cause-related services can not continue or change fee, users and visitors agree to bear the responsibility and obligation.


7. Force Majeure.

Due to the Company for the reasons beyond the reasonable control, including but not limited to, natural disasters, strikes or disturbances, material shortages or rationing, riots, acts of war, government actions, communications or other facilities failure or serious casualties, etc., resulting in the company delay or failure to perform, wBuyBuy.com not that you bear any responsibility.


8. No agency relationship.

You and wBuyBuy.com only independent contractor relationship. The grant agreement has no intention to form or create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or concession is granted and relationship.   

9. Payment and Fee

About the payment and fee, please refer to the user manualManual。Payment fee and Transaction Fees borne by the user.When users use wBuyBuy, if personal information or bank financial institutions such as information leakage, resulting in the loss, wBuyBuy is not responsible. Any losses caused by Users' inputting mistakes, wBuyBuy is not responsible.


10. Compensation

As provided information or the use of information on this website or other acts in violation of national laws or policies or regulations of this website so that the site is compromised, we agree to commit to this site bear all the losses caused by the user or visitor. Users agree not to information obtained in this website any adverse behavior of the site and therefore waive the right to raise a claim to this website.


11. The law governing

The website of this Agreement and the country registered the business on this website as well as relevant international legal protection. Any Party agreed to this agreement to submit a dispute concerning the district court's decision to develop this site.


12. Other provisions.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and wBuyBuy.com provisions of your use of "service" and replace any of your written or oral agreements previously entered into and wBuyBuy.com. This Agreement governs the law of the land designated by this website. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be revoked, and the remaining provisions should be implemented. Headings are for convenience only refer to and shall not in any way define, limit, construe or describe the scope or extent of the provision. The company did not take action on a particular breach by you or any other person, it does not mean that the company withdraw any similar event of default or take subsequent action.