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Privacy Policy

wBuyBuy.com respect and protect all network services using wBuyBuy.com user's personal privacy. In order to provide you with more accurate, more personalized service, wBuyBuy.com will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. But wBuyBuy.com will be highly diligence, prudence obligation to treat such information. Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, in case you are not first obtaining prior permission, wBuyBuy.com this information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties. wBuyBuy.com will update this privacy policy from time to time. When you agree wBuyBuy.com the network service agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the contents of this privacy policy. This Privacy Policy belongs wBuyBuy.com network service agreement integral part                             


1. Scope

1) wBuyBuy.com account when you register, your personal registration information (except business laws and regulations should require public business name and related industrial and commercial registration information provided pursuant wBuyBuy.com request);

2) when you use wBuyBuy.com network services, or access wBuyBuy.com internet pages, wBuyBuy.com automatically receives and records information on your browser and on the computer, including but not limited to your IP address, browser type, language use, access date and time, hardware and software feature information and your web logs and other data needs;

3) wBuyBuy.com acquired through legal means from a business partner of the user's personal data. You understand and agree that the following information is not applicable to the privacy policy:

1) You can use the keyword information wBuyBuy.com platform provides search services input;

2) wBuyBuy.com collected information about the data you publish in wBuyBuy.com, including but not limited to, participate in activities, information and evaluation details of the transaction;

3) violation of the law or violate the rules of conduct and measures wBuyBuy.com wBuyBuy.com you have taken.

2. Information Use

1) wBuyBuy.com not provided to any unrelated third party, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information, unless your permission in advance, or the third party and wBuyBuy. com (including wBuyBuy.com affiliates) alone or together to serve you, and at the end of the service, it will be denied access to this information, including all its previous accessible.

2) wBuyBuy.com also allow any third party to any means to collect, edit, sell or distribute your personal information free of charge. Any wBuyBuy.com internet users engage in such activities as, once discovered, wBuyBuy.com right to immediately terminate the service agreement with the user. 3) For the purpose of service users, wBuyBuy.com possible through the use of your personal information to provide you with the information you are interested in, including but not limited to the issue of your products and services, or partners in order to share information with wBuyBuy.com They send you information about their products and services (the latter requires your prior consent).

3. Information Disclosure

In the following cases, wBuyBuy.com disclosure will be based on the provisions of your personal wishes or legal all or part of your personal information:

2) to provide you with the requested products and services, and must share your personal information to third parties;

3) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant provisions of the law, or administrative or judicial bodies, disclosure to third parties or the executive, the judiciary;

4) If you experience a violation of Chinese laws, regulations or wBuyBuy.com service agreement or the relevant rules, the need to third parties Disclosure;

5) If you are a Qualified intellectual property and the complainant has filed a complaint, the complainant shall be requested to disclose the complaint to the rights of the two sides deal with possible disputes;

6) a transaction on wBuyBuy.com platform created, such as transaction fulfillment or partial fulfillment of any party transaction information disclosure obligations and made a request, wBuyBuy.com the right to determine the counterparty to the user to provide their contact details, etc. necessary information to facilitate the completion of the transaction or dispute settlement.

7) Other wBuyBuy.com accordance with laws, regulations or policies deemed appropriate to disclose the site.

4.Information storage and exchange

wBuyBuy.com collect information about you and the information will be stored on the wBuyBuy.com and (or) its affiliates servers, such information and materials may be sent to your country, region or wBuyBuy.com collect information and data location offshore and is accessed outside, storage and display.

5. Cookie use

1) In case you did not refuse to accept cookies in, wBuyBuy.com may set and access cookies on your computer. So that you can log on or use of cookies wBuyBuy.com platform relies on services or functions. wBuyBuy.com use cookies to provide you with more thoughtful and personalized services, including extension services.

2) You have the right to choose to accept or reject cookies. You can modify your browser settings to refuse to accept cookies. But if you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to access or use wBuyBuy.com network services or functionality relies on cookies for.

3) the information provided by wBuyBuy.com cookies made will apply this policy.

6.Information Security

1) wBuyBuy.com account has security features, please keep your user name and password information. wBuyBuy.com through user password encryption and other security measures to ensure your information is not lost, not to be abused or altered. Notwithstanding the foregoing security measures, but also please note that there is no "perfect security" on the information network.

2) When wBuyBuy.com network services for online trading, you inevitably want to counterparty or potential counterparties to disclose their personal information, such as contact details or postal address. Please properly protect their personal information available to others only when necessary circumstances. If you find that your personal information is compromised, especially wBuyBuy.com user name and password leak occurs, immediately contact your customer service wBuyBuy.com to wBuyBuy.com take corresponding measures.