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Butiko (Teamo) situas en:Japan
Butiko Direktisto

It was only one material, sericin, that solved all the skin problems. The silk purple series was developed with the desire to be the skin care closest to the human skin. Sericin, which constitutes silk, contains 18 kinds of amino acids and has properties close to that of human skin. We awaken the sleeping skin cells and draw out the original strength of the skin. Five power of surprise hidden in silk. 1. Surprising moisturizing power 2. Sunscreen effect 3. Gentle ingredients that can be used even in babies 4. Protect skin from bacteria by antibacterial action 5. Suppress melanin pigment generation

25.59  Usona Dolaro
Cleansing foam Kinumurasaki
80.41  Usona Dolaro
Beauty serum Kinumurasaki
71.27  Usona Dolaro
Moisturizing cream Kinumurasaki
52.99  Usona Dolaro
Toner Lotion Kinumurasaki
43.86  Usona Dolaro
S powder Kinumurasaki
89.54  Usona Dolaro
Eye cream Kinumurasaki
34.72  Usona Dolaro
Facial mask Kinumurasaki