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Clair cosmetics

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●Clair began as a producer of natural cosmetics The1970’s, when Clair was launched, was a time when little thought was given to natural skin physiology when producing cosmetic products. We wanted to produce cosmetics that would be safe to use for all women. This and a desire to offer cosmetics that are produced “in harmony with nature” as the cornerstone of our product development, we began as one of the early pioneers in the field natural cosmetics. ●Desire for radiant skin In French, the word “clair” means light, bright or radiant. We want all women to have a natural radiance. It was with thought in mind that we chose “Clair” as our company name. Our whole company is committed to this approach, from research and development, manufacturing and sales through to after care service. We work hard to provide products that meet our customers’ expectations and care for their skin. ●A Commitment to providing products that are safe to use Having confidence in our skin and knowing that it is healthy and beautiful is one of the main factors in feeling attractive. For this very reason, it is important that cosmetic products that are applied directly onto the skin are safe to use. This is why we are committed to producing cosmetics that our customers find safe and reliable. They can also help put an end to concerns about what products they should use, and worries about the condition of their skin.

57.22  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Silver Ammelan Laem Quasi Drugs 2016 Monde Selection Winner
30.58  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Future Skin Cleansing Milk
40.45  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Skin Future Emollient Essence
57.22  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair αα Ammelan C Mini-size quasi-drug Medicated cream
26.64  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair αα screen fande [mini] 10 g (natural)
28.61  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Lipothio granule type
57.22  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Ammelan D Protective Oil / Beauty Oil Finishing Beauty
57.22  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Lotion Ammelan Silver Ammelan (30ml) Quasi-drugs 2016 Monde Selection Winner For Sensitive Skin
57.22  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Ammelan Clean Foam Cleanser
39.46  Dòlar dels EUA
Clair Ammelan Cleansing Cream Can be used on sensitive skin