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Meiji 2 years Uji garden

Shop(Team) is located in:Japan

The Uji garden is based on the knowledge and experience that has been working on the "tea first" since its founding in the birthplace of "Kyoto · Yamashiro", utilizing the sensibility honed in the commercial city "Osaka · Shinsaibashi" We will continue to contribute to the healing of our hearts and rich lives. Since the founding of Shimomura Genbei as a donkey (a buyer) in Kyoto Yamashiro in Meiji 2, the wholesale business, the processing industry after constructing its own factory, the challenge of retailing by entering the commercial city Osaka and the Uji garden The history of the challenge to keep adapting to the times was a history. Even if we go into the 21st century, we will develop multi-storey tea shops in department stores and shopping centers, sales of tea sweets, tea ceremonies, tea ceremonies, Japanese coffee and green tea BAR, and challenges and history for overseas markets it is continuing. From now on, I believe that repeated challenges that have no time to breathe believe as a way to permanence. Http://www.uji-en.co.jp/

30.41  U.S. Dollar
Okame (Okame Fugetsu kokon) UOS-300
20.27  U.S. Dollar
Okame Japanese paper packaging (100g)
10.14  U.S. Dollar
Okame Tea Bag in Clear Case (3 g × 14 P)
10.14  U.S. Dollar
Okame Tea Bag 20 Piece Bag (2.5 g × 20 P)
15.2  U.S. Dollar
Puppet can enter (100 g)
15.2  U.S. Dollar
Deep-fried bamboo tea koji (okame) 100 g